Kniterature is our way of meta analyzing language and literature. Particularly focused on the rhythm and patterns of language, each depending on the author and intention. Each author leaves a distinguishable footprint, a certain way of constructing and arranging sentences and words. Together, in that specific order, they form a text, that nobody else could have written identically.

For example the terms of service of „Instagram“ have a different rhythm than the novel „Alice's Adventures in Wonderland“ by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, written in 1865. Our objective was to find a way to process and present these individual marks and rhythms in a tangible fashion.

But how would one transform text patterns into something physical?

workers stitching the lightweight code needed for the first moonlanding

Together we started to learn knitting, to get a better sense of what we are trying to accomplish. Discovering that there is more to it than left and right stitches, we stumbled head first into a parallel world – the knitting realm.

Traditionally these patterns repeat in some way, which leads to the same fabrics over and over again. But we found something fitting for our purposes and we were stoked to end this boredom. With these experiences and informations in mind the process of developing our own software began.

It started by sorting the wide variety of knitting techniques and figuring out which one would be best for us.
Each different part of speech got assigned a stitch, we created an output and a tool for meta analyzing language and its rhythm, unique to each text and author, just by transforming words into stitches, was ready.